Colombian Sari Betancourth

Backyard Specialty Coffee

Sweet and crisp, with notes of cranberry, pomegranate, and molasses.

Producer: Sari Betancourth.
Estate: Sion.
Botanical Variety: Castillo.
Process: Wet.
Geography: Jambalo, Cauca, Colombia.
Altitude: 1710 MASL.

Within the Jambalo municipality of Cauca, Colombia, sits a small town of El Voldero. Here, at 1710 MASL, coffee producer Sari Betancourth lives on her farm “Sion” with her mother Maria and her brother Diego. This lot is made up of Castillo variety coffee trees, and is grown by Sari using techniques passed down to her from her mother. Sari also manages the processing of her own coffee, using dry fermentation, multiple washes, and parabolic drying to produce a clean and crisp coffee.