Raul Mariscal, Mexico

Hidden Coffee

Sweet and even body, with notes of vanilla, cola, and honeydew.

Producer: Raul Mariscal.
Estate: Finca Los Coles.
Botanical Variety: Typica.
Process: Wet.
Geography: Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico.
Altitude: 1350 MASL.

In Coatepec, a municipality of Veracruz in Mexico, lives a retired architect named Raul Mariscal. Here on his farm “Finca Los Coles”, Raul is growing and processing some of the best coffees in Mexico, harnessing the natural springs and rivers, which run across his estate. Coffees from this part of the world are not often synonymous with specialty; however, the climate and conditions here are primed for great coffee. This coffee is an exciting example of just how good coffee from Mexico can